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We offer music production, voice-over, ad skits, and soundtracks with no limitations on any sounds. We create something new every day.

movie production

We produce movies to introduce new acts to the industry. Once seen, it’ll be a name you’ll never want to forget!!

*You can book our trained actors and actresses to feature in your movies, adverts and skits.*



Modeling is a lucrative business, what most young girls and boys don’t know is that there are lots of opportunities in the modeling world.

 D.C Entertainment will secure the right opportunities to make their dreams come true. We create beauty pageants to select the best models that will be trained by our company.

You can also book  our trained models for your next event. You will see the passion that they have while doing the modeling jobs for you.


events management

Our events pull in huge crowds. We deliver a specialized event to your taste and we are proud to say that we organize our events in a unique style. 

We use high quality equipment, venues and ideas that are real crowd pleasers.

Our event planners come up with unique ideas and we know just how to organize any kind of event and bring the targeted crowd to the venue. We will not disappoint. We specialize in Musical Events, Fashion Events, Parties, Seminars, Album Launch, Weddings, etc. 

We specialize in DC Listening Party, Top Model of Definition, Securing Them Young and Industry Ball. These events are held on a yearly or monthly  basis.

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d c entertainment

DC Entertainment is a next generation of stars in partnership with Entertainment producers, talent managers and directors to produce exceptional creativities to the public, the fans and the society.

artist management
promotion / pr
charity foundation
graphic design
script writing
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movie production


events management

promotion / pr


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charity foundation

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