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Crew Definition Entertainment founded in 2012 and registered in 2014 as Definite Crew Entertainment (DC Entertainment).

DC Entertainment represents talents in Music, Modelling and Movies. Whatever your talent is, you deserve to be represented by a team that believes in you, encourages you and strives to help you succeed. 

We are proud to have contributed to the growth of many talents in music, modelling and movies;

Tha Kace, Michael Brain, Keso, Odido Esther, David Mills, Ambrose Blessing etc.

Even the CEO has played a role as an Executive Producer for 5 short movies, produced by D’lyrics

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to hear your song on the radio, sing before a live audience, be in a fashion show or play a role in a movie? 

Look no further because DC Entertainment can and will do that for you!   

Most talents have encountered a “NO” response at least once.

Unfortunately for these young talents, this type of response is discouraging and comes from Talent Managers who are supposed to encourage and guide them in their chosen career, but instead they leave them feeling rejected.  

When you become a part of the DC Entertainment team, you will find that “NO” means “Next Opportunity”… YOUR Opportunity to Live Your Dream.

At Definite Crew Entertainment, (DC Entertainment), we believe in all kinds of crafts. Our team has a proven success rate and play a huge role in building the foundation needed to be a success. We give you an environment to believe in yourself and will be by your side every step of the way while you embrace new developments.                            

Message From The cEO

My name is Collins Odiase and I am the CEO of DC Entertainment. I am a multi-talented, driven and passionate individual, with focus on helping other talents create really unique and meaningful projects throughout their career. You will find our productions to be aesthetically pleasing in every shape and pattern. I work both with businesses as well as individuals, and always use available resources to complete a task. When I started this group with Tha Kace and 4 other artists, we began as a music band named Crew Definition in 2012. We didn’t appreciate the treatment we had received by some of the event planners, so we started our own company and started organizing our own events. We organized our very first event in 2014 which was titled - FACE OF CREW DEFINITION. The taste of that success only made us want more for ourselves and work harder than we ever had before to fulfill our dreams. Today I'm proud to say that my company is registered as DC Entertainment, which stands for Definite Crew Entertainment and we organize events, produce/record songs, make films, represent models and branding. I took the position as a Talent Manager to build relationships and assist talents first hand, who are willing to work hard to see their dreams come to life. You will never find another team more willing to work as hard as we do to help you fulfill your dreams of success. My teams commitment to you is making sure that we create unique projects together to expose your potential. Registered in 2014, DC aims to further this commitment by providing educational, insightful and valuable content about music, fashion, events, movies, the business side of entertainment and more. We are an entertainment company that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.


who we are?

Since being registered for Entertainment Services by the Corporate Affair Commissions, we have teamed up to manage talents of all ages for both males and females, developing their skills as they pursue their chosen career in the entertainment industry. Our selected creative talents allow us to deploy our services at great speeds and on several positive channels for opportunities from good brands.

what we do?

We train, build and develop young talents using several forms of recruitment platforms utilizing several projects to expose our trained talents to the public and dream mentors.

We create auditions and projects for music, movies and modeling. We also organize classic events. We use our projects to scout for talents and then we train, develop, build and manage those that are willing to prove their belief in their crafts and bring out the best in them, so that good brands can be confident in working with them. 


Some of our Notable Events and Achievements over the years


there's hope for all (Charity)

JANUARY 2020, Charity Project aim at rekindling Hope for people and les priviledged.


DIDO N FRIENDS (charity)

APRIL 2020, Charity event by DC entertainment


industry night(event)

“Industry Ball” in November 2014 with a guest artist – Capital F.E.M.I

(Musical Event)




Face Of Crew Definition 

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