zangief double lariat

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An alternate \"quick\" version can also be executed by pressing all three kick buttons. Finally, its recovery is faster than double lariat in sf4, but slower than quick lariat of course.Zangiefs main Anti air for jump ins.If you picked up SF4 and loved your one button anti air (mapped to triple punch), it is STILL there.

It's still there though.has him running the farthest distance. TheZangief has at least two command grabs in Street Fighter X Tekken, including the famous Spinning Pile Driver as well as his Flying Power Bomb, which sees Zangief walking toward the opponent before grabbing him.Once he gets in close, Zangief still has a plenty of good normals at his disposal. It's +1 on blocking making it a very good move to throw out.does a little less damage, but also causes a ground-bounce for combos.Zangief walks forward throwing his green-colored hand out. Double Lariat is also Zangief's strongest non-command grab special, making it a great combo ender.Flying Body Attack (diagonal j. This is a good option to keep in mind though.Has strike invincibility until the first hit, but can be thrown at any point.This is a decent option on wakeup if you are under a lot pressure since it is pretty invincible.

For the first half of the time this move is active it is projectile invincible.

For Super Street Fighter IV on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Your opponent is spamming Zangiefs double lariat, what do you do? The: This attack has a lot of range. This can be combo's into as well by a lot of Zangiefs normals. (On your foes wake up) cross him up with Flying body splash->>Lariat(On your foes wake up) cross him up with Flying body splash->>>LariatLong Version: For those who have used Zangief in SF4, you will need to be mindful of the vast number of changes to this move.

By tapping the buttons, Zangief spins quickly to bring his opponent closer towards him. He appeared in the fifth episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Haggar VS Zangief, where he fought against Mike Haggar from the Final Fight series. ): This is another great jumping attack with a very low hit-box and good cross-up ability.travels the farthest and is the least safe on block. Zangief will remain on the same side once this attack ends.

It's strike invincibility hits slightly lower than it used to as well, so you can use this to smack an opponent to the ground with this move if you time it right, just as in sf4.

Here are some examples of combos. : This is a pretty good air-to-air normal.
It also hits behind him and is more active during the middle of the animation than it used to be. It is wise to use S LK, as Zangief is put close to your opponent when cancelled into a special. All versions are unsafe on block, so this is a tool primarily used for pass through projectiles. It helps you inch forward while passing through the fireball.Has projectile invincibility until roughly halfway through the duration. It will be frustrating, you will eat 250-350 damage combos, but if you bare with it, you'll eventually obtain the reflex.But also used for Zangiefs combo enders in SF5 !Jump in with J.HP->Headbutt (Frwd+HP)->> * LariatShort Version: Great anti air, and projectile invincible throughout 4/5 of the animation.

): This is a sweep that has a more range and does more damage than Zangief's regular c.: This is a good jump-in attack because of its low hit-box.version will have Zangief running the shortest distance, while theIn Street Fighter X Tekken, he teams up with Rufus to retrieve Pandora for his motherland.This is Zangief's signature command grab. However, green hand combos are better overall. The good thing is that most characters can crouch under it, leaving Zangief in perfect position of an SPD.has very long range, hitting about as far as s.

It is lower body invincible, as opposed to Double Lariat's upper body invincibility. Also mid-upper body strike invincible 9 frames after the attack starts up (9 frames after you press triple punch)(After a stun) J.HP->Headbutt (Frwd+HP->>LariatGood anti-air.

It also has projectile invincibility and midsection invincibility during its active frames, giving Zangief another option to deal with projectiles. Zangief doesn't have much in the way of mobility-- a death sentence in Marvel-- and consequently has remained almost entirely overlooked throughout the games lifespan. The EX version has super armor. First it can be used as an anti-air that deals great damage. However, constantly walking forward, jumping forward and going for an SPD every chance you get won't get you far. Zangief's VT2 is 2 bars, and makes the scariest part about him even scarier by increasing the damage to his SPD by 120 damage each. !That said, ONCE you get used to the new lariat, it's actually much better than it ever was in SF4.

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