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Plus, it builds brand trust and loyalty, as well as sets you apart from your competition. Try it … While we are providing you with a starting point, we cannot guarantee you that this is appropriate or adequate for your needs. Your About Us page is one part autobiographical, one part educational and all parts human and personal to your customers. Well, in summary, it has some great selling tools, but tricky design features.

It showcases the background of your company, and takes your customer on the journey that has led to your business.

It explains why About Us pages are extra important for ecommerce sites, gives you some tips on how to build the perfect About Us page that your customers will love, and shows some great example About Us pages to help inspire you. Volusion's About Us Page Generator will create a customized About Us page for your site in seconds. Created in 1999, it lets you pay the bills, without the creative frills. More than 180K entrepreneurs worldwide have built better stores with Volusion. Just fill in the brackets with your company's information and you'll have a professional About Us page written in minutes. Volusion is an established e-commerce platform. Create yours now!An About Us page helps your company make a good first impression, and is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. Fill in a few blanks and pick from three different About Us page templates to create a professional page that you can copy and paste into your own site. A store that was once riding high on first-page positions can drop like a stone with a single algorithm change, a new competitor, or unseen negative SEO factors. volusion seo & digital marketing experts.

Volusion is quickly becoming a leader in website services. What do we mean by this? Volusion is one of the oldest ecommerce website builders around. Given how much they do, your About Us page is just about the last page you'd want to leave blank.Chris Galis is a Search Marketing Specialist at Volusion.Your About Us page is one part autobiographical, one part educational and all parts human and personal to your customers.Use the About Us Page Generator or fill in the template below to have a professional-looking page in minutes.When it comes to personalizing your online store, nothing is more effective than an About Us page. Thankfully, online stores can still match the personal touch of the best brick and mortar stores by doing one thing: telling their stories.With Volusion, your About Us page is already built into your store template - just fill in the blanks!Many merchants underestimate the impact that a well-written About Us page can make on their business. Business owners on Volusion know how topsy turvy the world of Google rankings can be. Most importantly, it will give your customers a reason to shop from your brand.A marketing degree may just help your online store…Find the right amount of emails you should be sending.…Although ecommerce has some incredible benefits, like convenience, efficiency and ease of access, two areas it doesn't naturally excel are warmth and personability. By using this form, you acknowledge that we are not providing legal advice to you. The customer service team has been awesome at every milestone and the dynamic admin console allows us to adapt instantly to a changing market.” Just fill in the blanks and you'll have a professional-looking page in minutes.

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