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Bessie Smith starred in a short film called St. Louis Blues in 1929 that took this statement to an extreme.

In fact, two of the best performances occurred on the same recording -- the 1925 version with vocals by Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong on trumpet.

Billed as ‘Bessie Smith with Orchestra’, players on the 1925 notably include Louis Armstrong on Cornet and Fred Longshaw on Harmonium. He wrote "St. Louis Blues" with the explicit desire of creating a popular blues song, something that could be sung by blacks and whites alike. ardra. In 1914, it appeared in the Charlie Chaplin movie, The Star Boarder. Photo by Carl Van Vechten. This second-hand nature of the songwriting actually raises much larger questions about race, identity, and songwriting. Lv 4.

Handy hit the popular music market with the intention of making the blues into a popular and accessible form, writing things down was a part of his game plan—after all, you can't sell a song you don't copyright.

Public Domain, Library of Congress. Bessie Smith, pictured in 1936. A. reed organ B. piano C. trombone D. guitar. The following group of instruments is made up of woodwinds only.

In four brief strains, "St. Louis Blues" comes and goes as easy as elevator music. The premier site for the history and analysis of the standards jazz musicians play the most. Louis Armstrong's trumpet sings plaintively, as if it's a voice in a duet with Bessie Smith's raspy beauty. According to her analysis, women like the one left behind in the song sing the blues partially as a form of empowerment, not because they just accept negative or abusive treatment as their fate.A: It sinks. This song has been used in a number of films. To be fair, they probably didn't know about Martians back then.Join today and never see them again.If any of this sounds familiar, now imagine the 1920s blues scene as the 1990s hip-hop scene: a time when the genre's growing popularity created a series of identity crises, and some people got rich quick while others got left in the dust. It conjures up an image of a rock slowly sinking down into the darkness of the seawater and finally disappearing.According to the 1990s hip-hop/R&B band TLC, "A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly, and is also known as a buster. HANDY Recorded by BESSIE SMITH This is a much shorter and much simplified version of the original, but I think you can still get the feel coming through. It was sung by Theresa Harris and played several times, including in the opening credits, in the 1933 movie Baby Face. "Saint Louis Blues" (or "St. Louis Blues") is a popular American song composed by But when W.C. Label: Columbia - 13005D • Format: Shellac 10 Bessie Smith - St. Louis Gal / Sam Jones' Blues (1923, Shellac) | Discogs

Handy's appropriation of blues styles seems sort of put-on, doesn't it?

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