working in saudi arabia pros and cons

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The penalty for adultery here is death, and the penalty for a woman even “consorting” with a man can run to many lashes. Despite generally having to work long hours you can expect good overall pay. Would the lavish institution’s name and reputation offer a sort of built in protection? It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.I may have an opportunity to work at a hospital in Riyadh.hi tony, i've got some questions. You are not however going to be able to report them from the Philippines.for me almost nothing to be proud for saudi arabia, except that doesn't approve alcohol, and adultery, though big numbers of saudi men do these things, and no one care, or do to them anythingor the business visa is specific to an province?It will all depend on your sponsor/employer as whether they will allow you a visa to exit and return to Saudi. in the philippines, the standard term of employment in KSA is only 2years. Best of luck with everything.My husband works as an OWF in Riyadh. Should i go? because i will work there as a domestic helper and i will be there by september 2014.. and i have lots of thoughts about living of saudi arabia especially domestic helper in the house... im hoping u can answer my question thank u and god bless...HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc.Thanks for taking the time to comment about your country. And the more I look into it, the more I feel like, if I don’t do it now then when? Make sure your family know exactly where you are going and who with.If you travel on Saudi airlines and watch a film, you may be surprised to see women’s legs and cleavage “fuzzed” out—as if they were people who should not be identified on a news program.

Women will do this when they meet one another, as well. He is taking a big risk and should be very careful with what he is doing there. While you do not need to wear an abaya within the airport your daughter will still need to dress respectfully which will mean long skirt or trousers and a shirt that does not have a cleavage and should cover the arms. Lifestyle for US expatriates in Dhahran are outstanding - like living at a resort. Being Muslim we should always think with a fair mind with a 'strict no' to emotive feelings. DIVERSITY: Expats living in Saudi get to meet and build a relationship with from people all over the world. So if he is left alone in the flat and the wife of the married couple is there alone with him then that is potentially a problem if anyone knows.Wife would like to take up work and son(4 years) would like to enroll him in a good montessori schools..Sorry, I have no experience, nor do I know what would happen.Interesting reading - I worked in KSA and Abu Dhabi for three years, returning home to Australia 11 years ago.

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