what is booba netflix

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Booba is cute and … As ever, they keep finding even more fun and mischief to get into.Traveling by train, Booba is fascinated by everything around him. There's so much for Booba to explore on this farm.Things are strange and dangerous in this room. But when Booba turns on the light, it's way too bright!When balls start flying in all directions at a miniature golf course, Booba and Loola go on a wacky adventure to retrieve them.There are so many yummy-looking things at the supermarket, but what Booba really wants is that mouth-watering wheel of cheese.After reading a comic book, Booba's inspired to become a caped crusader himself!

The world is a mystery to little Booba. He flips through a recipe book and decides to make a burger -- with a few extra ingredients.It's nighttime and Booba has made his way to the attic.

All the passengers are teddy bears, and Booba is the pilot!While rifling through the attic, Booba has a close encounter with a flying saucer.Summer time is here and Booba is ready for some sunbathing. His bed, his pillow, the windows -- and the emergency brake!Booba finds himself in a big, empty movie theater lobby, where he discovers the gum ball machine and learns how challenging chewing gum can be.While walking past shop windows, Booba spots a beautiful red bowtie that he's determined to get his hands on.On the set of his own show, Booba, along with Loola and Googa, show off their moves for a dance performance.After getting trapped in a suitcase at the airport, Booba finds himself in an artist's apartment and gets inspired to try his hand at painting.Determined to win a trophy, Booba practices his skills at the bowling alley until a spiky friend interrupts his game.Booba and Loola try to run away from a colorful egg until it hatches with a special surprise inside.Snacks on the table, balloons everywhere -- this must be a party! This show is Exciting, Wacky. But he approaches the curiosities around him with wonder, finding adventure in his everyday surroundings. That's why I couldn't find it! Booba discovers how risky laser pointers can be.When a blast from the past comes to visit Booba, their cravings lead them on a mission to pack snacks.The sun is shining, the grass is green and the apples are ripe for the picking. He really wants to play with it, but it keeps rolling away!Booba is traveling by plane, but there's something a little weird. The show Booba was released in 2014. From wind-up toys to snow globes, this room is full of such random little things.Booba is determined to blow out the holiday candle but it's really, really hard. What could go wrong?Booba gets off at a subway station with a giant teddy bear in his hands. 7 Answers. lmao. Booba wants to grab a red balloon, but it's a lot harder than it looks.As soon as he enters the kitchen, Booba is fascinated by the big, cool box full of food. They both want the conductor's baton, but the rat gets it first!This room looks very serious to Booba. There's a ball pit for Booba to dive into and toy soldiers for him to battle.At first, this basement is too dark. Were you possibly looking for Movies-Net.com for Netflix USA? Score: 8.4 of the 10. There are desks and glasses and a computer that makes weird sounds -- and even a thing that punches holes!There's so much more for the curious Booba to explore, and things always get a little out of hand when he's around!The curious fur ball and his friends are back!

Login to reply the answers Post; baybeexx. Arts & Humanities > Visual Arts > General - Visual Arts. To get it back, he'll have to chase the thief all over the fun-filled playground!

Roman Karev (1) Audio and subtitles.

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