the steel curtain roller coaster

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It’s one flip-flopping inversion after another. Steel Curtain, the new Steelers-themed roller coaster at Kennywood, has nine upside-down inversions — more than any other coaster in North America. Fans will be able to see how they measure up in practice drills, perfect their touchdown dances and check scores and highlights on giant video screens.“Being the first park to collaborate with a professional sports franchise on not only a themed area, but also a pulse-pounding, high-flying roller coaster is a great honor that fits in with Kennywood’s longstanding tradition of innovation. On June 28, 2019, Kennywood confirmed that Steel Curtain would open on July 13, 2019.There is some debate as to how many inversions the coaster actually has. The coaster was designed by S&S - Sansei Technologies, and reaches 220 feet (67 m), with nine inversions. Steel Curtain.
Steel Curtain, the new Steelers-themed roller coaster at Kennywood, has nine upside-down inversions — more than any other coaster in North America.

Despite the barrage of inversions, twists and turns, the ride experience on Steel Curtain remains solid. The Steel Curtain Roller Coaster. It’s one flip-flopping inversion after another. The large, indoor building will feature a number of interactive challenges such as agility drills and a 40-yard dash. The Steelers will be the first team in the league with a ride dedicated to them when Kennywood opens its “Steel Curtain” roller coaster in 2019. The chirpy duo also greet them when they return to the station. In order to wedge the extreme coaster into the limited footprint, its lift hill is designed at an unusually steep 50 degrees. It works well in the park, Gibas notes. Once it’s complete, Pittsburgh will become the only team in the NFL with a family attraction dedicated just to them. Except for one brief pop out of my seat, there were scarcely any negative-G sensations. “People feel the same way about Kennywood.”It all happened so quickly and was so disorienting, it was difficult for me to maintain my bearings.“Whenever we are going to invest so much money in an attraction, we want it to have something that sets it apart,” Gibas says. — speeds up as it nears the apex.After conducting a safety check, ride operators wearing striped referee shirts give the thumbs-up sign to clear the train for takeoff. “It’s smooth going in and coming out of them.”So what do you get when you combine two of Pittsburgh’s most beloved icons? Kennywood claims the Steel Curtain is the tallest roller coaster in the state at 220 feet. The Steel Curtain has just opened. Later this summer or in early fall, the park will open football-themed midway games and the End Zone Café and Tailgate Patio. The effect heightens anticipation as the train click-click-clicks up and suddenly— whoa! Interestingly, the gold structure supporting the top of the lift hill and other sections of track looks vaguely, if unintentionally, like an oversize goalpost at Heinz Field.With its bold gold and black colors and football-shaped and adorned seat backs, it's pretty hard to miss the ride’s gridiron connection. “I’ll be honest,” Gibas adds. That leaves passengers largely unencumbered and exposed in the low-slung cars.In May, the park will complete Steelers Country with the opening of the Steelers Experience. The coaster claimed several impressive records, including the most inversions on a coaster in North America (9) and the world’s tallest inversion at 197 feet. Any doubt is erased, however, when visitors encounter the huge “Steelers Country” sign that welcomes them to the new land in which the coaster resides.Latching onto the lift chain, the train proceeds slowly at first and then picks up speed as it climbs the long, steep lift hill. We’ve known a new coaster … I’m talking about STEEL CURTAIN, the new roller coaster at Kennywood Park just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While a replacement had not yet been revealed, the park announced that \"exciting new developments\" were planned.On June 7, 2018 Kennywood revealed that they had broken ground on Project 412 (The phone number area code for Pittsburgh), a new attraction opening in 2019.
Towering 22 stories above the park, Steel Curtain’s black and yellow structure pays homage to the local Pittsburgh Steelers football team that is deeply ingrained in the city’s culture. With nine different inversions (a record in North America) during its two-minute adrenaline rush, you feel like your upside down most of the ride. You get Steel Curtain, a wild, record-breaking, Pittsburgh Steelers-themed roller coaster that recently opened at the park.

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