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It is all about replacing traditional religions with a new religion, a new metaphysics. Most damagingly of all, for Murray, was the rise of intersectional feminism, which assumes that different types of oppression (especially racial and patriarchal) tend to “intersect” and reinforce one another.The left is not averse to playing this game. The challenging and brilliantly-argued new book from the bestselling author of The Strange Death of Europe. I know which I find more plausible.Murray’s stock in trade is a tone of genteel civility. This religion comes with a set of rules that divides the world into the ‘privileged’ and the ‘oppressed’. Charges for international delivery destinations are available below. He reveals the astonishing new culture wars playing out in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the names of social justice, identity politics and 'intersectionality'. Douglas Murray is the internationally bestselling author of The Strange Death of Europe and the foremost commentator on identity and culture in the United Kingdom. What are our modern taboos? The decline of ideologies at the end of the 20th century created a vacuum of meaning, which was waiting to be filled. Apart from anything else, this makes for woeful social science. The potential political implications of this don’t need spelling out.Anger is ultimately a mystery to Murray, seeming to emanate spontaneously from his political and ideological foes. As a result, and out of terror, we have unlearned the ability to speak frankly about some of the most important issues affecting society, due entirely to the fear of being criticized.Deliveries to destinations outside Australia are made by DHL courier, and cannot be made to post office boxes. Populism and culture warriors exploit this aspect of human psychology, reinforcing the comforting (but ultimately harmful) feeling that any conflict in the world is their fault not ours. Why? The Madness of Crowds. This applies across a huge spectrum of areas including trans and gay issues, race, and women's rights.Once you have submitted your order you will receive confirmation and status update emails.Once we receive your order we verify it, complete invoicing and prepare your item(s) before we dispatch them from our Sydney warehouse.Order placed with supplier, estimated arrival time to warehouse is 5-14 business days.You will notice that each product page on the Web site includes an estimated delivery date range for Saver Delivery, as well as for Express Delivery if it is available for that product.Drawing on examples from those directly affected by the crowd mentality, including Tim Hunt in Britain and Brett Weinstein in America, Murray walks against the tide of censorship. Another is that a global “Marxist” conspiracy has duped people into a fantasy of their own oppression. Scratch beneath the surface, though, and his account of recent history is clear: authorised by leftwing academics, minority groups have been concocting conflict and hatred out of thin air, polluting an otherwise harmonious society, for their own gratification.The bitter irony, as far as Murray is concerned, is that these new theories of oppression arose at the precise moment in human history when actual racism, sexism and homophobia had evaporated. It’s not difficult to come up with absurd cases of “social justice warriors” saying stupid and hypocritical things online, especially when the Daily Mail appears to have an entire desk dedicated to unearthing them.Psychoanalysts refer to the process of “splitting”, where the self is unable to cope with its good and bad qualities simultaneously, and so “splits” the bad ones off and attributes them to other people. We learn that the doctrine of intersectionality has now swept the world, even becoming embedded in the search algorithms written in Silicon Valley. Because tech workers “have decided to ‘stick’ it to people” towards whom they “feel angry”. In The Madness of Crowds Douglas Murray investigates the great derangement of 'woke' culture and the rise of identity politics. ‘The Madness of Crowds’ gets to the heart of the matter right at the beginning.

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