second sister fight zeffo

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This duel with The Second Sister happens while exploring the Imperial Dig Site, on the way to Tomb of Miktrull on the planet Zeffo. The second confrontation with the Second Sister takes place during exploration of the Imperial Dig Site, that is, on the way to the Tomb of Miktrull on Zeffo.The fight begins shortly after using the small elevator. These often come at the end of a long string of normal attacks, or right after you've attacked her. When you've whittled the Second Sister down to half health, the cutscene will begin and you've "beaten" her. Finally, make sure you're using the single bladed lightsaber for this fight (and most other bosses)! Using your attacking and blocking abilities you must deal damage to second sister. In the context of the story, Cal’s a young Jedi Padawan without many of his powers, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to defeat the imposing Second Sister at this early stage.Players will tangle with the Second Sister for a penultimate time when returning to Zeffo. Prepare for a very difficult fight against the Second Sister. The fight will start once you get out of the small elevator. As mentioned above, you don't need to kill the Second Sister in this fight. The Seconds Sister is one of the main antagonists and Characters in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order . Whenever you clash lightsabers she'll be the toughest thing you'll have faced at that point and by the end of the game she's a deadly flurry of blows that are hard to counter. Don't fall for her intimidation tactics because she'll zap out of your way as you go to attack her; instead, wait for her incoming unblockable lunge attack after she draws a line in the ground with her lightsaber. Remember, if you need time to heal or you need to get a heavy attack in, Force Slow works so you can buy yourself a few moments.Eventually, you'll reach a stage of the fight where the Second Sister will taunt you around the side of the arena. Instead, use this time to step back and heal up if you need it.How to beat the Second Sister in Star Wars Jedi Fallen OrderThere are several points where you might wonder how to beat a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Second Sister boss fight. The second sister final boss fight on Jedi Master Difficulty is pretty tough, follow my video guide to see how I killed the second sister/Trilla Suduri. The optimal time to get in a heavy attack is when she performs her ground slam, as her lightsaber will get stuck in the ground for a moment, opening a window of opportunity. Her other unblockable attack is to drive forward saber extended. Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited.Which brings us to the end of this boss walkthrough, and hopefully now you’re in a better state to tangle with the infamous Second Sister.

The first duel of Cal and […] The double lightsaber might have increased range and faster attacks, but the single lightsaber deals more damage per attack and you won't be able to get more than one or two hits off in a row in this fight anyway. Players will tangle with the Second Sister for a penultimate time when returning to Zeffo. Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. These often come at the end of a long string of normal attacks, or right after you've attacked her. Zeffo (2nd Visit) Derelict Hangar Exit and talk to Greez and Cere. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide and walkthrough This particular guide of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is about the fight with the Second Sister which takes place in the prologue of the game.

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