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Any other options? Not sure what I’ll be getting at the new place, it’ll either be 7 which I can live with or 10 which everyone says is marginally better but I’m not so sure…Despite the cross platform limitations I wouldn’t be without TW it is one of the programs that keeps me using RiscOS.I’m doing more and more with my phoneHow many 9 year old Windows computers could run Windows 10?Are EasiWriter/Techwriter .docx files 100% reliable? First released in 1987, its origins can be traced back to the original team that developed the Arm microprocessor. LibreOffice produces .docx files which reliably load on MicrosoftOffice, but which occasionally appear different in detail there — hence my use of OfficeOnline to check them.Edit: Hey!

But at least if my docs look the way I want them on OfficeOnline, no-one can say the problem lies in the software I’m using.I can’t help with Mac. No space for RISC OS here, we’ve nothing that works with Docs, but it does give an idea of alterative options. Current Easi/TechWriter release version: 9.12 (24-Sep-13) Introduction.

Does it run anything like Wine to cater for Windows applications?No need for crossplatform , if you don’t count emulators :)Thanks for the responses and if anyone else has any thoughts then please don’t be shy!For Cross platform what happened to Textease?Would be nice if RO manuals could be on the EBook – for a quick Reference.I actually wrote most of my last story using a bluetooth keyboard and phone along with a text editor that automatically uploaded everything to a cloud (can’t remember which it was and my phone is lurking somewhere else in the house at the moment). RISC OS / r ɪ s k oʊ ˈ ɛ s / is a computer operating system originally designed by Acorn Computers Ltd in Cambridge, England. I wouldn’t touch the platform at all.

If it wasn’t for the iPad that I won, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near Apple (I think it’s overpriced).Anyone else doing anything similar?I may be stuck with XP (never upgraded beyond, never saw any pressing reason to)According to the ARMv8 Application Platform document that I just downloaded…Well fair enough!

It is not without foibles, for instance large tables with footnote references in can trip up the formatting. I actually preferred Windows 2000…but think it was just because the user interface seemed cleaner. I wouldn’t touch the platform at all and blissfully haven’t for a year or so.Even different versions of Microsoft docx documents aren’t 100% accurate, sorry.What do you all reckon? If it wasn’t for the iPad that I won, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near Apple (I think it’s overpriced).Note that when exporting from TW to Word format things like equations get converted to bitmap graphics so on re-import makes editing a problem.My 12 year old laptop is running the latest windows 10 (1803) in 2gb with a 128GB ssd.

The OS_Word call is very similar to the OS_Byte call. You can add new OS_Word calls by installing a routine on the software vector that OS_Word uses - see the chapter entitled Software vectors. Most of these OS_Word calls are provided to ease the task of porting software from the earlier BBC and Master series computers.Unlike OS_Byte, no * Command equivalent to OS_Word is provided.The major difference between the two calls is that an OS_Word call deals with larger amounts of data than an OS_Byte call.

RISC OS is owned by RISC OS Developments Ltd. You can find out more at sites such as riscos.info, The Icon Bar and RISCOSitory. This includes: a free and open RISC instruction set architecture with DSP features.

Structured word processing for RISC OS. Its like when you get a car and didn’t get some optional extra and every time you get in it the blank spot where that option would have had a switch seems to look at you and say “hey! I always activate “Classic Theme” or whatever its called when I use Windows to get that 2000 era look…guess I’m stuck in my ways a bit there?

There are far fewer OS_Words than OS_Bytes; 0 - 22 is the current range of R0 on entry. @ Glen looking at the original post, it looks like you have decided against upgrading nutpi and using the a newer version of Writer+. RISC OS is a computer operating system designed in Cambridge, England by Acorn.

But sadly not with any of the publishers I’m liable to be dealing with.For importing Word docs for subsequent editing can be quite effective acknowledging some Word features are not supported.So many companies still do all their manuals in Word though…I think its just because its seen an easy/cheap option. EasiWriter and TechWriter are structured word processors for RISC OS offering compatibility with industrystandard file formats (most notably, MS Word RTF, DOCand DOCXformats and the ODTformat as used by OpenOffice.org).

a complete set of free, open source software development tools, libraries, operating systems and applications

TechWriter has all the features of EasiWriter plus … It is also used to read from, or write to, values held in RAM by RISC OS.

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