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Maddie shows up and tries to fire at Danny, but Wulf jumps in and forces Walker to be hit instead.

After Wulf leaps through to sniff out the people that Danny has been in contact with, Bullet says he and the others will take over everyone Wulf comes in contact with (which is everyone close to Danny, as Walker orders earlier).Danny starts to give up, feeling that he can't do this, but Sam says that if Danny doesn't do something, who will?However, Danny is taken by Walker/Mayor up to the entrance of City Hall, where "the Mayor" pretends to be hurt and dragged back into City Hall by Danny in front of two news crews, making sure Danny's prison is his own town.Wulf, up in a tree nearby, dives into the Ghost Shield claws first and makes it through easily.

Walker remarks that by tomorrow the whole town will be under lock-down.Tucker's parents burst in and say it's curfew time, but it's too late to bring Sam home so she'll have to stay there, and, to make sure they're safe, they will stay in the room with them.Paulina asks if he's a friendly ghost, to which he replies "Yeah, with some friendly advice: RUN!" Wulf sniffs and licks Danny and they become friends.Danny's had enough and squirms out of his grasp as Wulf forces Walker out of the Mayor. It's now only used as a perfect secret code for geeks to talk to other geeks. Therefore, he must be so quiet it's like he's not even there. They give chase as Walker/Dash states that Danny's parents might be of use to them.Just then Jack slams into a door which Maddie tells him to pull. Danny, rather stupidly, phases into his human self and barges in. Luthor offers a $1 billion bounty, which encourages both supervillians and superheroes to attack. Tucker says he doesn't know what Wulf was screaming, but he looked scared. "Public Enemies" is the fifteenth episode of the TV-series Danny Phantom. He then jumps out of the window to search for Danny.Tucker says Wulf says not to touch that.

"Kwan" slams the door and "Dash" slams Danny into the chalkboard, then reveals himself to be Walker.Walker says when he's through with Danny's town, Danny's gonna beg for the safety of the Ghost Zone Prison. Public Enemies (2009) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
Based on the clothing and the fact that this scene appears in the script but not the film, it can be deduced that these scenes were supposed to be the gang's getaway from the Greencastle bank robbery (the second one shown in the film).On the DVD featurette "Criminal Technology", a Racine police officer is seen firing a Model 10 at the Dillinger gang from behind the car. Unfortunately, the siblings walk in to find their parents holding the first Ghostkateer meeting with the overshadowed Dash, Kwan, and Paulina.Danny scares them all off by pulling out the Thermos except "Paulina". Walker plans to make Danny Amity Park's public enemy #1 while Danny befriends a werewolf ghost named Wulf.

It's the best rifle made in 1933." Jack tries to catch him with the Fenton Fisher, forgetting that it's tangled. He then proceeds to rip the ghosts out of everyone. In the actual film, this shot is too far away to tell what model of revolver he is using.The screenplay reads: "[Purvis] carries an 8mm Mauser sports rifle with a slim fore-stock and wrist and a turned-down bolt handle.

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