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Despite a title that suggests something unspeakable you might stumble across on one of Glastonbury’s outlying stages involving a didgeridoo and a rapping crusty, Earth Beat is a dramatic reworking of The Willows, a track from Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp’s 2004 debut as the Belbury Poly, reshaping the original’s eerie electronics into a kind of warped soul track with guest appearance from rising London R&B artist Col3trane and a glam-era glitter-beat.Another curveball comes with Equanimity, which features Jim Lea of Slade on violin and sounds like David Bowie, an artist Weller paid open homage to on True Meanings: not, it’s worth noting, the Bowie of Ziggy Stardust or Low, but the Bowie found on his eponymous 1967 debut, in thrall to music hall and Anthony Newley’s brand of musical theatre. Visualize os perfis de pessoas chamadas Paul Weller. Join Facebook to connect with Paul Weller and others you may know. Since the first single by The Jam in 1977, Paul Weller hasn’t let more than three years pass between releases. Paul Weller. There’s a lot of stuff here about contentment and growing into yourself: “Not a thing I’d change if I could, I’m happy here in my neighbourhood,” he sings in Village.You could, if you were so minded, mourn the sonic shock value of 22 Dreams or Wake Up the Nation, or indeed raise a quizzical eyebrow at how much the electric piano-flecked Village resembles the kind of relaxed mid-70s rock that bands like the Jam set themselves in spiky opposition to. Enter Website. The former goes on for nearly eight minutes and contains shimmering synths that wouldn’t sound entirely out of place on a mainstream 2020 pop single, Beach Boys-worthy harmony vocals, a weird moment where it appears to be shifting into an entirely different tempo before deciding against it, a lengthy free-form interlude that could have come off the aforementioned Ghost Box EP and a lo-fi piano coda. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Paul Weller… All the latest info on Paul Weller music, shows, videos & more. But you’d have a hard time arguing that On Sunset doesn’t work as an album, held together not just by its overriding lyrical theme but uniformly strong melodies.

We are excited to finally announce Paul Weller's new album ‘On Sunset’ will be released 3rd July 2020. EARTH BEAT BY ISABEL VON DER AHE Art US $65.00 Pre-Order ROCKETS BY NATALIA PAWLAK Art US $65.00 Pre-Order On Sunset Double Gatefold Vinyl

At the other extreme, meanwhile, there’s Baptiste and On Sunset, offering warm, soul-infused rock that could have been released in 1969 and 1972 respectively.The rest lurks somewhere in between, offering gentle disruptions of the familiar. live, Love and learn. Then again, the Weller who admonished his fans against looking back was in the middle of one of his periodic, confounding career resets. From that initial bark of In The City aged 19, through The Style Council days and across three decades of his solo career, Weller has, despite a few wilderness years in the early ’90s, maintained an uncompromising presence, even if the sonic output has varied in quality. Article Published: June 19, 2020Since the first single by The Jam in 1977, His fifteenth record is a refined distillation of the last few years of Weller’s career, through the neo-psych and funk soul miscellanea of ‘Saturns Pattern’ and ‘A Kind Revolution’ and 2018’s acoustic-leaning ‘True Meanings’. As exercises in trying to have your cake and eat it go, it’s pretty impressive.• On Sunset is released on Polydor on 3 July. Old Father Tyme has a naggingly familiar guitar riff weaving through satisfyingly off-beam production – a drum machine fades in and out of the mix, Weller’s vocal comes decorated with little bursts of dubby echo – and one of a number of lyrics on which Weller, who spent his early years as a songwriter obsessed with his own youth, addresses ageing with surprising equanimity.

It feels unforced, something on which he expends much love but little exertion.
328 likes. 472K likes. A soul man at the core, it’s heartening these days to see Weller embrace what he does best and leave the by-numbers stompers aside, for the time being at least.With a piano flourish, a choir, and an electronic swirl that pulses and percolates over eight minutes beneath Weller’s vocal, opener The spirit of Curtis Mayfield, Serge Gainsbourg, and Stevie Wonder (“Whereas Gros and McClorey sink into the trippy, languid pace of ‘On Sunset’ is what Weller can come up with when he employs a lightness of touch and further opens the door to collaboration. After years sticking fast to a well-turned but increasingly hoary brand of trad rock, he unexpectedly unleashed a succession of sprawling, chaotic, grippingly experimental albums on which avant-garde electronic instrumentals fought for space with off-kilter acid folk, spiky guitar noise, free improvisation on the piano and songs that came in five-part suites.

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