lakers reddit tickets

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best. It's a supply and demand kind of thing, so I absolutely understand if you would sell for that price.with the exception of the Houston game, those game are all about 240-$275 per ticket on stubhub. my subreddits. r/Mavericks: Subreddit about the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. Let’s stay in touch and see if we can work something out.In the past, I've sold at face value or even below FV to people on this board. This thread is archived. Anyone knows what's the site with the cheapest tickets?? Hopefully i can buy some cheaper tickets of you.Are they side by side? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm looking for lower level tickets, so I know I will spent at least $150 most likely. I’m trying to hopefully go to a few games.

Are you interested in selling any of those games for this price? What are some tips you guys have on buying tickets online? save hide report. Houston game is more like $550 per ticket at this time.that's what I'm hoping works out for everyone.I'm a season ticket holder, and I've sold a number of tickets to people on this board.awesome. I'm a season ticket holder, and I've sold a number of tickets to people on this board. I even did so last year when the games were a bit more popular. But yeah, I would not ask for just a copy of the printed electronic ticket.Any help would be much appreciated, I don't want to get scammed of hundreds of dollars lolIf you have a hard copy of the ticket and the electronic print out of the ticket, the hard copy wouldn't get you in (when you print out the electronic copy of the ticket it says that it makes the hard copy void).stubhub is all good. Right now, I'm looking at buying hard tickets only since I assume its harder to... jump to content. The South Bay Lakers’ identity is inspired by the prestigious brand of the team’s parent club, the Los Angeles Lakers, while honoring a community that has served as a headquarters to the D-League affiliate since 2006. We are currently accepting deposits of $100 per seat (up to $400.00 for 4 seats) to add your name to our wait list for Los Angeles Lakers season tickets. The South Bay Lakers play their games at UCLA Health Training Center in El Segundo with most games being on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Wouldn’t mind buying it from a fellow lakers/redditorYeah side by side in the aisle. I'd for sure be interestedThis is in the side of the Lakers bench.I would also buy them for that price.I'd be interested in that price for 10/20 vs Hou, 10/22 vs SA, 10/25 vs Den, 10/31 vs DAL. This year is shaping up to be a bit different. Right now, I'm looking at buying hard tickets only since I assume its harder to counterfeit a hard ticket than a simple email ticket. share.

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