kilmartin standing stones

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An untaxing walk but allow plenty of time as there is much to see and visit. From the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and ancient standing stones of Kilmartin to Oban. All lead by your Ness Bus/Hairy Coo Guide.

Be amazed by the landscapes on this tour. The 12 Apostles near Dumfries is the largest stone circle in mainland Scotland, and the seventh largest in Britain.

Nether Largie standing stones are located southeast of Temple Wood stone circle and are composed of four menhirs, arranged in pairs an approximately 70 metres apart, with a single menhir in the middle.Around which are seven smaller stones and one fallen one. The vast majority of these sites are within a short drive from each other and charge no entrance fees. Good footwear is advisable, and do watch where you step, as sheep are usually in the field.Nearest Accommodation to Nether Largie Standing Stones: In a farm field just south of Kilmartin village is a grouping of 5 large standing stones. To explore the linear cemetery take the clearly visible path behind the museum. Continue to the head of the glen and park at the museum near the church where there is also a tea room and gift shop.

Due to the location near the car park the stones are sometimes known as the Lady Glassary Standing Stones.In a farm field just south of Kilmartin village is a grouping of 5 large standing stones. The Calanais Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis are believed to be 3000 - 5000 years old. Calanais Standing Stones . 'Nearest' may involve a long drive up and down glens or, if you are near the coast, may include a ferry ride! Unique valley.

Kilmartin Glen is home to hundreds of historical sites and monuments, ranging from standing stones and stone circles, to castle ruins, chambered cairns and the remains of an Iron Age fortress.

A fun and fact filled action packed day awaits you on this Stravaigin tour. So much history in this area.. Visit the museum then visit the sites nearby.Really easy trail of sites to look at. Kilmartin Glen Ancient Standing Stones & Burial Cairns.

A map can be purchased for £1 at the Museum in Kilmartin. This walk links the most impressive of the monuments close to Kilmartin village. This iconic glen has a 'linear cemetery'of prehistoric tombs many of which can be entered.also standing stones and a henge. The stones are arranged to form a letter X, and are located along the line of the famous linear cemetery of burial cairns that run down the floor of the glen. The easiest way to reach the stones is from the signed car park at Lady Glassary Wood, just off the A819. Please check the property map to make sure the location is right for you.There are obvious cupmarks on several of the stones, but it is the central stone that is most heavily decorated with carvings, with very clear cup and ringmarks. The arrangement is sometimes called a stone row, though in this case, each row is only two stones long, so I would question that interpretation, but of course, there may have been other stones which have not survived.Britain Express is a labour of love by David Ross, an avid historian, photographer, and 'Britain-ophile'. Today its most immediately visible feature is 13 standing stones. Kilmartin Glen is said to be one of the richest areas in Europe for prehistoric remains, with fine chambered cairns, standing stones and cup and ring marked rocks.
The stones are arranged to form a letter X, and are located along the line of the famous linear cemetery of burial cairns that run down the floor of the glen. The stones are obvious ahead of you in the field.
As you enter the glen the ancient capital of Dunadd is on your left and you soon begin to see standing stones on your left at Ballymeanoch. Wow! Temple Wood Stone Circle’s use began some time before 3000 BC and continued into the Bronze Age, ending about 1000 BC. Stone circle, henge, standing stones, cairns you can crawl into and the best collection of cup and ring marked stones in Europe.

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