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Ben Affleck. The camera then pans to the left to reveal a woman in a black leather jacket with a canary logo on it.Batman enters the musuem and finds that the lights are off. Batman notes that none of the Legion is smart enough to build the android, not even Toyman. It delivered like a DC comic but with a few too many cooks in the kitchen. Batman leaps into the crowd and faces off against the man, who's revealed to be Basil Karlo AKA Clayface.

Batman is now exhausted as he's been having to escape the police, something that Dick's never had to do before.

And she knows where he is. I think that the DC trinity characters are well know enough that they don't need much introduction, and the other three could have been added without the need for the films before hand. Basil transforms into his true form and Batman manages to use ice grenades to freeze Basil.In the post credit scene, work on a Justice League Watchtower, which would be a base for the Justice League in space, begins construction. It seems to not be working at first, but some cracks start showing in Amazo. The other movies had bad writing and bad stories but they we're beautifully shot. The villains call themselves The Legion and over a loudspeaker, a villain known as Toy-man is controlling the automated systems in and around the mueseuem.Dick tells John that they need to reform the League but John says no as for the past few years he's been doing just fine on his own.

The scenes which aren't set at night are in the sewer.Superman is completely OP. However, The Flash easily dodges the bullets and escapes. At Lexcorp, Lex Luthor adds his last touches to the android: a motherbox. Elsewhere, Diana sees the news about the break in and looks at her Wonder Woman suit.As this happens, Diana opens her eyes to see Wally standing in front of her. Batman throws a smoke grenade at Amazo as Flash and John leap at Amazo and pin him down. Amazo leaps at Wonder Woman and throws her against a pillar. Slow, ploddy and useless.Gal Gadot did a good job, and I don't know if maybe it was the writing, but she just wasn't as memorable in this one. Suddenly, The Flash bursts through the doors of the museum. In fact it is even under construction in Crisis on Two Earths and fully built in Doom.Wally approches Dick and tells him Bruce was a good man, to which Dick says that he can never be as good as Bruce, and he's already seen that example with Jason.

John and Dick steer clear of eachother and Wally becomes the leader of the group.Meanwhile, The Flash stops a bank robbery and has a run in with the police, who attempt to shoot at him because of the new laws in place.

However, right as Batman's about to die, Toyman makes an announcement that something is coming in fast.

With George Newbern, Kevin Conroy, Phil LaMarr, Carl Lumbly.

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