g602 not detected g hub

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We should not be troubleshooting and product testing your software.I've lost all of my settings and have to reconfigure every game... once I get my mouse working again, that is. Didn't care to read anything, just noticed that it said G602 and 'problem'. Can you please confirm if you are using the same device? sigh....Same thing here. As OP Posted, issue only started with this latest update. Thanks for the tip!3/28/20 Just updated drivers, could be old as I turned auto-update off and they changed it again. Please fix the problem :(Discovered this by a fluke chance. I am already telling friends NOT to buy Logitech.I hope Logitech support sees this and addresses this issue IMMEDIATELY and releases a good software.Try disabling the mouse in Device Manager, then re-enabling it.

You may also do the steps as follows:Kindly try to change the download path location to C: then try the steps as follows:Wow this is annoying problem Tried everything in this thread, I have both Windows and Debian Linux on my laptop. Really? I'll make sure to do my job and have this reported.Thank you for your response.

Had to go into the files to fix that because they STILL haven't fixed that one, even though its a simple number change. My G602, back to "Not Connected".Glad I wasted my time and lost all my settings just to make sure it's your application's issue.Oh my.... thanks for letting me know as i was planning too....And it seems not the only thing they broke I have also a G910 Keyboard, and the extra G keys work when game launches but 3 of them don't G4-G5 an G9 keeps the default win 10 buttons and not the macro game buttons anymore from the game, I even deleted those macros made them again and same result only solution right now was to edit those 3 keys in win 10 default so I can use them but have to edit it each time I would play something else. I redownloaded the latest G Hub  software.

Worked for me, at leastIt appears I don't even have that file! So after receiving my new G935 I had to install this wonderful GHub Software. right? I even tried letting it be for a few hours and still nothing.I would love to reports this via the feedback button, but there isn't one for this case!Thank you for your response. I am VERY VERY disappointed with Logitech as I spent hundreds of $$ to get an all logitech gaming set (mouse, mech keyboard, G935 headset). Or do you actually not see the shallowness and borderline anti-consumer your comments are?Doctor:  "Sir, I know you lost your leg because I made the mistake of cutting it off when I was only supposed to stitch up that small cut on your thumb, but the parking now will be great!

And Logi_Jhoe, I personally urge you to NOT respond to this thread ever again, lest you make mine, and many other people's opinion of you and Logitech even more sour.In the words of the great thinker of our time, Gretta Thorn-something-or-other, "How dare you! Installed it. When my PC woke up from sleep mode, I noticed the Windows 10 G Hub notification that my mouse DPI had changed. Attached the G602.

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