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good thing too.She got up in the middle of the night and got a chocolate biscuit out of the packet. I only made it out the door once, husband caught me before I made it very far.
“I woke up late one night with all my sheets balled up in my arms and repeatedly crashing into my bedroom door,” recalls sleepwalking Reddit contributor, NW.

I got up the other night in my sleep, wisped something to the door apparently then went back to bed. But one night my girlfriend woke me up shaking me as I was stood on the end of the bed (raised up foot post end) and I was moving my hands crystal ball style around the unlit light bulb on our ceiling say "isn't it beautiful" then whenever she was trying to stop me I was saying "ssssshhhhh... don't touch it, it will fly away" EDIT/ADD OK so that went down well! That was certainly the case with these Reddit readers who shared the funniest, most unusual things they ever said (or heard someone else say) while sleep talking. Apparently, I was trying to take the sheets to the laundry room.A mate told me this one last night about some girl that he knows:And that boys and girls, is what drugs do to you. I'm pretty sure it was because of a dream I was having.There's a demon in me; he wakes while I rest.I pointed a gun at my uncle Greg.What was he like in the morning? That time I was only woke up bruised, but a homeless guy came up and made sure I was okay so I took him back to the room for some beers.When I was 11, my father came home late from work one night, and glancing into my room, noticed me sitting, cross-legged on my bed, hands in my lap, fingers up; in short, posed as if I were holding cards. My parents one time found me in the garage holding a TV remote while I was crying. I woke to pure agony in a place I had never been before. I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was a kid. At the top of the sub, a …

Ninja turtles ard made from guitar strings and ladders.

:Dand I poured boiling water on my dad's head.He preys upon those I hold dear in my chest. The experience of overhearing someone’s mid-sleep ramblings can be terrifying and confusing, but also hilarious. !Ive been a chronic sleepwalker all my life, much to the behest and/or entertainment of much of my family.I'm not a sleep walker, but my husband is. Whats to keep you from walking out the front door and into traffic or something?I woke up late one night with all my sheets balled up in my arms and repeatedly crashing into my bedroom door.

Please share a few more stories.Bitch how else you want me to build a ninja turtle? I "looked" up at him, and declared that "every time I play this fucking game, I get my ass kicked", and promptly slumped out of bed and onto the floor.Nah, she probably just hated her sister.I did something similar. One night she woke up and heard someone talking outside her door.

When my girlfriend asked me what I was doing I replied "couldn't go I forget the password"tl;dr was frisked by airport security while sporting a stiffy, they found it.It first happened when I was fourteen, and we had been drinking like irresponsible little idiots and forgot the most important bedtime ritual after hoisting our food into the air (which we also forgot).

come back naked no idea how. It was really humid, so we used a dehumidifier in the night and it would make a constant humming noise. “Funny story, my little sister sleepwalks & plays with my cat’s tail when he sleeps. I woke up half way down my stairs, propped up against the wall, butt naked, and in floods of tears.I'm alone in the room and you made me actually laugh out loud. 9/10 would read again.Nonono. Bushes broke my fall, but I also broke my arm and ankle.

Then she held it up to the light until the chocolate had melted, stuck the melty chocolate side of the biscuit firmly to her sleeping sister's forehead and went back to bed. A recent Reddit thread asked people to share their most bizarre sleepwalking stories, and they certainly didn't disappoint. Anyway when doing this in the game you had to avoid giant boulders as they rolled down the mountain. All while completely asleep.So what do you do at home? I rose, walked about a half a mile and fell off a short cliff. She told me the next morning that she listened to me talk to the dehumidifier for at least five minutes before I stood up, patted the dehumidifier, and walked back to bed. Thank you for all the up votes!

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