function of feathers

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fur, scales, skin). Possibly the most important function of feathers is their role in insulation. The outer feather layers aid in waterproofing and aerodynamics. To keep from being seen by predators many birds have feathers that look like dead leaves or other parts of the surroundings they live in so But there is more to the story of feathers than just flying. %����

For example, peacocks display their tails to demonstrate their health to females; the brighter and stronger the feathers…

4 0 obj Use the following questions to guide the Just be sure to make your list before you click on the link! These colors are made by bending light to create different colors. Each contour feather can be controlled by a set of specialised muscles, which controls the position of the feathers, allowing the bird to keep the feathers in a smooth and neat condition. How many ways are feathers used by birds?

endobj Iridescent things have some interesting abilities. "Feather Biology". 11 August, 2009. Not all birds use their feathers in the same way, but as a group they use their feathers in many creative and interesting ways.How many ways do you think birds use their feathers? The types we see the most often are Other types of feathers are made for use on the body of the bird. This is likely the largest and most used function of feathers. endobj ����Xc��s ��%��u�}��G�Zۇ�ӹ�ˢi�!1oDQ`�Jۉ"B�� (oC���I���2i�t��4V�Ȧ$��p��U}JJb>:6�� �ϼ��L�*'f��~��������b,� 1^N�E��pdV�*R�,���l��v����8"X�F z` c�H(���H����U.����]��'v�\(��)��Y�=�tFm����@�ժb_IǪ���?��}����!`�}���Pr�Ly��}�Ļ K^OV�穯�Xl?6�E~����N�#C� ��'g���\{r�8�e���*r`�8�"����Q7j��2.�%��R8q����H The No matter what type of feather, they all have similar parts. }B\�����n�Xq�}5��l��>;o��$�ޙ��!l��I��7���3���˝lyNq�-]�B+�8�ÙS�]���l�A+]'�+��483�����bI&1��5�`��h�$��s���x����a�:��xcSܡ�>e: ��o�2 �P~�Q( �z�[N�z~��HH��agk��+�t��f��q\;b��m�5���F�Ť�9��ڪݡ���w8��`�Ukw�*�U�w�nlH�/�#�.�t�c��٘z�8���$�Z �U��G���uj{dU��J%R��PGO�)�Gc���`\u�c����D�l�*�Aj�(|�VG���v�*9v�

What is it that lifts them off the ground and lets them fly and glide through air? The best type of papers to use are the thin sheets used in magazines.Hold the short edge of the paper up to your mouth using both hands.What do you think will happen if you blow hard across the top of the paper? �N���߮+�2F������~��xnt� k&Rwl)��\x�N����q�>)3�+_��nn�v7�����5�F͕�ߓ>�[� ���:�N j�?G�ꞴQ��i��l�P�N������! The featherless areas between the pterylae are called apteria.

Feathers grow quite quickly on birds and are sealed off at the base. 1 0 obj Once you finish compare your list to ours. ۠���@δ~ ����ao%oq���i�mi>/�/�hЃ^�!i��8�T�{r�P��m�\�:��9�E���J���f�60�M[��;�7O����ThSQl f�B�4n��c�0��S��KHF›Ӕj�����}i��5��e/=p�g�գ�J1 ��'� �Mf W�7-G��P���&� ���nB{۲jK�R�Z�W�@4�,�\�U�z Now try it. Contour feathers form most of the surface of the bird, streamlining it for flight and often waterproofing it.

You will also see that flight feathers have very little or no downy barbs.The parts of a feather you can see with the unaided eye are the rachis, vane, afterfeather, barbs, downy barbs and the hollow shaft. The basal portion may be downy and thus act as insulation. x��Zێ�8}���Z@�I]A�\&sY6@z����(��M���SU���{���զco�޽�j�����݇���w�/���K��?Vݾ9�{�>|��>ܿ~u�Y����|�J�� &��'%K.���^���>~~���j�uQ�:���w�Zī���j���W�|���U���U�d>t��h]��^G�|����n���{��'� ���$"���m�aͮ>���N������.

Flight feathers are adapted, primarily, to aerodynamic functions and have very little importance in insulation. These feathers are very good for keeping the bird warm. 11 Aug 2009. Think about it and if your list gets very long you should write them down. This type of color is called iridescence.

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