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Eventually, we learn that Cory never gets his job at the A&P back, and Troy—having found this out too—tells his coach to take him off the team. Troy thinks Clemente and Aaron and other colored ballplayers are on the team as tokens, but are not actually played.

This enrages Cory, as the future he’d envisioned for himself has crumbled before his eyes. Troy … Troy and Cory have a friendly argument about the status of black players in the Major Leagues. Troy and …

Instead, Troy only sees the ways Cory does not live up to Troy's vision of how Cory should live his life. With the television argument, Troy had substantial, though sometime weak arguments for Cory.

Cory refutes this idea as well. Blackness and Race Relations Practicality, Idealism, and Race Cory goes inside to eat lunch and do his chores. Troy and Bono go to Troy's house for their weekly ritual of drinking and talking. Cory tells Rose that every Saturday Troy says he needs his help with the fence but he never ends up working on it. Act One is comprised of four scenes and Act Two has five. As they talk, we learn that Troy has confronted their boss, Mr. Rand , about the fact that only whites are assigned to drive the trucks at their garbage collection company, while black employees are hired exclusively to carry the garbage. Blackness and Race Relations Practicality, Idealism, and Race From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Fences Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays. Rose tries to get Troy to admit that he was too old to play for the Major Leagues and that times have changed since the years Troy was prohibited from the Major Leagues because of the color of his skin. Troy finds weakly argued excuses to deny that baseball is treating black players fairly and changing for the better. Bono thinks Troy is cheating on his wife, Rose. Mr. Stawicki, Cory's boss, is keeping Cory's job for when the season ends. Troy and Cory's conversation solidifies their positions as two men separated by a generation but sharing a common passion. Instead, he says he goes to the bar, Taylor's. Fences Summary From Litcharts The Creators Of Sparknotes Poetry Analysis Essay The Analysis Of Troy Character In Fences Essay Example 1629 Doc The Brings Out Best In Troy Archetypal Analysis Of Mending Wall By Robert Frost Poem Summary Appreciation Fences Character Analysis Course Hero A Fence Poem By Carl Sandburg Hunter Fences Is A Poignant Commentary On The Meaning Of Life For … He had a good point that their roof needs fixing, though he did not seem to think of the roof as a financial priority until Cory brought up the idea of buying a TV.


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