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However, your level or position in the salary structure can see you earning as much or more than an engineer or geoscientist.The salaries of Chevron staff vary and are dependent on a number of factors. This is so because they perform most of the strenuous jobs and thus, require even compensation to maintain their productivity levels.This ideology is shared by many American and European companies in Nigeria.
How the salary history question affects pay equity.Eliminate compensation guesswork.The event for compensation changemakers.The formula for a winning company culture.Improve your chances of receiving a raise when you ask.Survey management & participation.Fresh market data paired with robust analytics.Follow wage changes of U.S. workers over time.Stay up to date on the latest compensation trends.Compensation collaboration in the cloud.Do you know what people like you are earning? However, most Nigerian companies do not share this ideology and are ready to subject their employees to a number of duties for little pay.However, you can find accountants and other high-level workers earning more than these engineers simply because of their position or level in the salary structure.Entry-Level engineers are mostly fresh graduates who lack the required experience to scale through tough terrains.
Find out the salaries and salary structures of various oil companies in Nigeria such as Shell (SPDC), Chevron, Mobil, NLNG, Schlumberger and others. Thank you for visiting the Chevron Jobs website.

Accountants working for oil companies are among the highest paid accountants in Nigeria. Below is the estimated monthly salary structure of accountants working for different companies in Nigeria. 3. pls how do i apply?Chevron is among the top paying oil and gas companies in the world. 16. In the rankings, you will find mostly oil and gas companies like Shell, Exxon-Mobil, and Total which are also hot cakes for job seekers. Nigerian Companies Salary Structure: Current Salary Structure of Companies in Nigeria – See more details below; The salary structure of Nigerian Companies is generally sought after by job seekers in Nigeria. It is on record that chevron pays a salary of about N2.5 million to its staff. You can find workers who work offshore and/or on the field earning more and having access to more bonuses compared to other workers in the office. Military Jobs Very wrong at besthow can i work with your company?Chevron rate administrators. The average salary for Chevron Corporation employees is $106,423 per year. The figures significantly increase with time. SHELL NIGERIA . The figures significantly increase with time.For instance, Petroleum engineers are among the highest earners in Chevron. Some of the reasons advanced were attractive pay and welfare package, conducive working environment and constant training to develop skills. Although the main factor that determines if you will get employed or not would be your skills and not just grades, you will gain more points if you have a better grade than other candidates applying for the same job.In the eyes of the world, it is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria but in the eyes of graduates and job seekers, it is one of the best-paying companies in Nigeria and the place most graduates dream of working immediately they are done with their studies.Senior-Level Chevron Geoscientist Salary in Nigeria — N500,000 – N3,000,000The factors that affect the salary of an entry-level chevron engineer include the location of the job, the specifications and requirements of the job, the experience of the engineer beforehand, and the qualifications possessed by the engineer.Geoscientists play an important role in oil exploration and are regarded as very important professionals in the oil and gas industry.

Today, we find less qualified individuals in high positions simply because they know the right people. Don’t take away the place of accountants, human resource managers and other professions in the industry though.On the average, staffs in Chevron earn between N2 million – N25 million per annum depending on the level, year of experience and job can I work with your company as a chef assistant or even working as a kitchen assistant.Can a computer scientist work at ChevronPlease can a dietitian work in chevronCan a mass communicator work at chevon company? Let us take a look at how much Chevron pays.Truth be told, Chevron needs no introduction.

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