Reggie White cause of death

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I did not know the cause of death for Reggie White, but what a loss at such a young age.

AUTHOR. However, his life came to a sudden end in December 2004 as he rushed a hospital after succumbing to cardiac arrhythmia.White spent 15 years in the league, where he dominated the competition and racked up a then NFL-record 198.0 sacks with 33 forced fumbles throughout his Hall of Fame career. He described it as a respiratory ailment that affected White’s sleep.California office spaces are expected to keep getting emptier and their rent prices will likely keep declining for years as the pandemic fallout persists, according to an Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast survey.The report issued by Sullivan’s office also said sleep apnea may have been a factor.An ordained minister who was known as the “Minister of Defense,” White played 15 seasons with Philadelphia, Green Bay and Carolina. To provide a better website experience, uses cookies (and other similar technologies) and may collect, process, and share personal data.

An excellent article.

For some reason I didn't see an email informing me of your comment, so I'm very late replying. White turned 43 on Dec. 19. It was also stated that sleep apnea, from which White was known to suffer, may have contributed to his death. He won't get a test done. I'm glad your family is making use of it.

In one study, 45 percent of those for whom CPAP therapy was prescribed discontinued the treatment because of the discomfort they experienced.A sleep study confirmed that Reggie was indeed suffering from the disorder.

I use my CPAP faithfully every time I sleep, but it is still a worry. According to Dr. Bruce B. Baird, founder of the Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea, 95 percent of those who suffer from sleep apnea don't realize they have it.There are millions of us who share the condition Reggie had.

CPAP is a very effective treatment. Thanks much for your comment.Famed NFL defensive lineman Reggie White and I had a lot in common.Very interesting topic and very a very scary thought. I don't think you have to worry. White also dealt with sleep apnea, which is believed to have contributed to his early death.Following his second and final retirement after the 2000 season, Reggie White wrapped with a then-NFL record 198 sacks.White played two years with the Showboats, where he played in 36 games, racking up 23.5 sacks, a forced fumble that he returned for a touchdown, and a safety. Reggie White, a fearsome defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers who was one of the great players in NFL history, has died. But at the hospital Reggie never regained consciousness.The lesson of Reggie White's tragic death is that sleep apnea, when it goes untreated, can lead directly to very dangerous, potentially lethal health consequences, even in people who are otherwise in apparently excellent health.Thanks, Audrey. Very frightening.Excellent and informative piece. He apologized later. You're so right, the word needs to get out.Perhaps the most dangerous thing about sleep apnea is that most people don't realize that their symptoms of loud snoring at night and sleepiness during the day indicate the presence of a life-threatening but treatable condition.

describes sarcoidosis as a disease characterized by the presence of small areas of inflamed cells that can attack any organ of the body but is most frequently found in the lungs.Joe Kelly released the months of pent-up rage the Dodgers and their fans have been feeling ever since MLB found the Houston Astros cheated in 2017.White had the disease, known as sarcoidosis, for several years, family spokesman Keith Johnson said Sunday. Blessings, Audrey. Before playing in the NFL, White was an All-American at Tennessee.Here's a look at the life and times of the Minister of Defense.Reggie White was the Minister of Defense.

Thank you for this article and I hope it causes people to take there symptoms seriously.Thanks so much, Cynthia. Ronald E Franklin .

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