Marconi Electronic Systems

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Marconi Electronic Systems (MES), or GEC-Marconi as it was until 1998, was the defence arm of The General Electric Company (GEC).

Marconi formed The Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company in 1897, having been granted British Patent number 12039 entitled ‘Improvements in Transmitting Electrical impulses and Signals, and in Apparatus therefor’, this being the first patent for a radio-wave based communication system. Marconi Electronic Systems (MES), or GEC-Marconi as it was until 1998, was the defence arm of The General Electric Company (GEC).

This Archive contains documents in general associated with the history, products & activities of the Rochester site. GEC then renamed itself Marconi plc. Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) was the defence arm of The General Electric Company ( GEC) in the late 1990s. It was demerged from GEC and bought by British Aerospace (BAe) on 30 November 1999 to form BAE Systems. There are too many Negatives and Slides to list at this stage.The Collection include Displays, Air Data Computers, Inertial Navigation Units, Flight Controls & Instruments, Circuit Modules, Sticks & Throttles & a miscellany of Company memorabilia.This Media Archive offers newspapers, films and videos.Copyright © 2020 Rochester Avionic Archives WWII The company was involved in many important technological advances, most notably radar.

Marconi was renamed GEC-Marconi in 1987. more for bae marconi electronic systems co., ltd (11322023) Registered office address PO Box 4385, 11322023: COMPANIES HOUSE DEFAULT ADDRESS, Cardiff, CF14 8LH Acquisitions which were folded into the company and partnerships established include:These had expanded to 13 manufacturing divisions by 1965 when a further reorganisation took place. It was demerged from GEC and acquired by British Aerospace (BAe) on 30 November 1999 to form BAE Systems. And it all revolves around the top secret work of a company called Marconi Electronic Systems, but which, today, exists as a part of BAE Systems Electronics Limited. GEC then renamed itself Marconi plc. The divisions were placed into three groups :The Marconi Company continued as the primary defence subsidiary of GEC, GEC-Marconi. Marconi Electronic Systems which included its wireless assets was demerged and sold to

WWI GEC's history of military products included radios and light bulbs.
It also holds items of general interest about the technologies used within the Company & the platforms the products were used on.This archive contains the collection of Framed Pictures Negatives and 35mm Slides. Its work includes the development of futuristic weaponry and spy-satellite technology. With its subsequent collapse the Marconi Corporation got into financial difficulties. Between 1945 and GEC's demerger of its defence business in 1999, the company became one of the world's most … We provide common services and administrative support – in areas including legal, finance, human resources, marketing and communications – for industry-leading platforms … Organisation Marconi Avionics Marconi North America Marconi Naval Systems Alenia Marconi Systems(AMS) Matra Marconi Space Thomson Marconi Sonar Marconi Research Centre Marconi Radar Systems Marconi Communications Systems Marconi is nurturing innovation and accelerating the pace of positive change. During the period 1968–1999 GEC-Marconi/MES underwent significant expansion.In 1999 Reltec and Fore Systems were acquired at the height of the "dot-com" boom. In 1999 GEC underwent a major transformation.

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