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Partner with us, we can help you win.We are flexible to our customer’s needs on packaging requirements and our products can be shipped by most common modes. Nelson Brothers is a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of commercial explosives products and services to the mining, quarry and construction … Additionally, through Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemical Business, we provide products and services to customers throughout the world. Nelson Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1980, and is located at 820 Shades Creek Pkwy # 2000 in Birmingham. Performance varies with weather, location, and season; a failure to take this into account can be costly. While ideal in many scenarios, NB4249 is not recommended for use with high solid AN level or with hydrophilic glass Microballoons.Across the globe, there are many variants of key raw materials that go into the production of explosive emulsions.

Founded in 1956, Nelson Brothers is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mining explosives products and services to many of the largest surface coal and aggregate producers in the United States. Nelson Brothers, Inc. * Founded in 1956, Nelson Brothers is a leading manufacturer and distributor of mining explosives products and services to many of the largest surface coal producers in the United States as well as the nation’s largest aggregate producer. (Drums, ISO Tanks, IBCs, and Flexi-tanks).NBL9550 offers excellent compatibility with sensitizing materials and very good water repellency, gassing rate, emulsion blend and wax compatibility as well as very good shelf life and ease of refinement.For more information on Nelson Brothers and to learn how we can help power your business, please contact our international or domestic representatives below.Copyright © Nelson Brothers 2017 - 2020NB2400 provides many of the stability features of NB2424 while allowing more rapid gassing rates. This gives us a unique edge over others, in that we not only need to rely on our products to work efficiently, but we also need an intimate, deep knowledge that they perform under various conditions as well.We can assist you in all aspects of blasting technology including:NB4745 provides many of the stability features of NB2424 while allowing more rapid gassing rates.

Click the United States for more Domestic Information.Spread over 100 acres of pristine west Alabama country, located in the small but quaint town of Parrish, AL, we are uniquely positioned to manufacture a wide range of emulsifiers, concentrates, blends and fuel phases required by the industry.NB2119 offers rapid gassing rate in most standard applications. Nelson Brothers is a leading specialty chemical supplier of products and services to the mining industry, and through its Specialty Chemicals Business services customers throughout the world with polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) based emulsifiers, polyisobutylene succinimides (PIBSI) and related chemical derivatives.. NB2400 is highly applicable in low fuel content emulsions.We take this key material and modify the head group to address various customer requirements, and we are highly conversant with many of the requirements such as:A key precursor to almost all of our emulsifiers is PIBSA (Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride), which is derived from a high-reactive feedstock.NB2424 offers the most robust stability in the industry, with some customers reporting stability lasting multiple years.

Nelson Brothers Mining Services, LLC August 6, 2013 Providing bulk AN and emulsion, Orica Initiation Systems, technical support and downhole/shot services to surface mining operations in Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota. NB2400 has excellent water repellency, sensitizing material compatibility, and shelf life.

These PIBSA / PIBSI derivatives are manufactured … Nelson Brothers Mining Services * Strategically positioned to focus on open pit surface mining in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas, Nelson Brothers Mining Services LLC offers Orica manufactured initiation products, advanced technology and innovative delivery systems, as well as Nelson Brothers’ own PowerNel ® Emulsions.

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