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It looks like you can protect almost everything in your life now – even the wallet, which brings many problems if you lose it.

Also, spoke to customer service and they are great!

LifeLock allows people to choose a plan that is right for them no matter where they are financially. And like you said, they usually don’t know that they had been a victim until many years after the incident when they are an adult. Personally the Advantage Membership is perfect for me , its affordable , has the features i need , bank account activity alerts and much more.The advantage membership has everything that you need. Time is a precious commodity that you can never get back. They are one of the newer identity theft protection companies so they understand the importance of everything needing to be digital and in the cloud. I feel it is justified regardless of whatever the expense to keep your credit ensured. They have commercials, their own channel on cable services, constant internet banners, etc.

It’s such a hassle to deal with all credit card companies and agencies that you need to contact on a perpetual basis. They’ll spend one million dollars to pay investigators and lawyers if any of your data would be stolen. I appreciate the added security Lifelock offers in storing privileged information on a separate server. I don’t know if anyone of you guys knew this, but in 2014 alone, 7 out of 100 of us, age 16 or older, were victims of identity theft. I really like how LifeLock offers sex offender results so you can be aware of any potential threat to your loved ones. They kept writing tickets when I called with an issue and gave me a case number saying someone would call me back. Lifelock also has 3 layers of protection and they guard against anything that they see as suspicious (it’s always better to be safe than sorry). Plus, you get free secure cloud storage for your important documents and IDs, credit cards and even social security cards. First of all, there’s a service guarantee, which makes you feel reassured from the very beginning. Where else are you going to get a $1 million service guarantee.Exactly Sandy!! Also, if the member does not live in the U.S. for six months consecutively, then the LifeLock membership will become invalid. And if something does happen to go wrong, it’s great to know that they will take care of everything so you don’t have to waste your time with all the paperwork and phone calls. Lifelock not only protects my information online, but it also gives me my credit score! LifeLock Review. It’s a wonderful perk that most identity theft companies don’t have.Yes Ghem, the Ultimate Plus membership gives you the best peace of mind. Everyone is different and that’s why it’s great to see different companies offer different services.I am amazed at the coverage that the Ultimate Plus membership offers! You are on the right track for keeping your credit and identity safe.

I would suggest this service to anybody as they have a plan for every budget.I’m totally with you Jerome – the Advantage Membership option is a great option for me as well. One out of 4 people have been a victim of identity theft.

This is some next level technology here. They are easy targets because they won’t know their identity has been compromised until they are an adult once they start applying for credit. She has personally tested hundreds of system components and interfaced with dozens of home security companies to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. it can detect suspicious activities which you’ll know immediately because they will access your account and alert you. That’s why Youtube is the #2 search engine now, people want to see things, not just read about them. Being able to get your credit score through the app is awesome as well.It includes name, email address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, age, gender, postal address, identity verification details e.g. It’s staggering to hear that.

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